DSCC: OLED revenues in Q1 2020 were $6.7 billion, will reach $33 billion in 2020

DSCC says that OLED revenues in Q1 2020 were $6.7 billion (up 24% from Q1 2019, but down 18% from Q4 2019). Both Samsung and BOE gained market share in the quarter, as LGD had a weak quarter.

DSCC sees the entire OLED market reaching $33 billion in 2020 (up 18% from 2019). Smartphone OLED sales will reach $26.6 billion, mostly led by a growth in flexible OLED sales. The OLED TV market will grow 19% to 4 million units in 2020. DSCC sees the laptop OLED market increasing significantly in 2020.

Samsung's OLED revenues reached $5 billion (74% of the market), and its smartphone OLED display market share rose to 86%. Samsung will continue to enjoy a dominant position, but DSCC says its smartphone OLED market share will fall to 72.2% as BOE and LGD will increase production and sales.

Samsung (Electronics) is also the world's largest customer for OLED panels, with orders of $2.8 billion (41%). The second customer is Apple with a 20% share ($1.3 billion). In the whole of 2020, though Apple will be the world's largest customer with orders of $9.8 billion, followed by Samsung ($8.8 billion).

BOE more than doubled its OLED market share - 5.6% in Q1 2020 (up from 2.6% in Q4 2019). In smartphone panels, it enjoyed a market share of 6% (up from 1.9%), almost replacing LGD as the world's second largest supplier. DSCC expects BOE's market share to reach 12% in Q4 2020.

LGD's OLED revenues in Q1 2020 were $1.1 billion, up 21% from Q1 2019 (but down 30% from Q4 2019) and it lost ground in the quarter as it relies mostly on two customers (Apple and Huawei). LGD is expected to see increased sales when Apple launches its next iPhone models.



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